Music Practice Tip 6: Record your practice

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Now this is tip that may seem obvious to some and yet eureka moment for others. A good quality recording device can prove to be a great way to discover problems in your playing as well as help you to become more aware of your musical phrasing. Everything from your scales, ètudes, and repertoire can benefit from using a form of recording as an aid while listening.

Think about it, most of know what we want to hear from others playing the same instrument and we also know why we prefer some musicians over others. When we record ourselves we become our own critic. Now for most people the idea of practicing with a recorder may seem daunting because we don’t want to hear ourselves play badly. The good news is, the more you hear yourself play poorly the more productive your practice becomes because you are always in the process of discovering problems in your playing. Just like ironing a wrinkled shirt…you slowly begin to iron out the wrinkles until the garment is neatly pressed. The same can happen to your playing if you utilize a recording device in your practice.


The Key

Turn the recording device on before you begin practicing and leave it until your are finished…don’t erase the bad things! You are not making a recording for selling purposes; this is for your learning and “bad things” will help you learn more than those things that already sound performance ready. Remember we are ironing wrinkles here.


Best Portable Recording Devices Currently Available

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